Friday, November 03, 2006

CEO's Advice

"It's better to be poor and running your own business than to be rich and work for someone else."-- Calvin Ayre, CEO of

"Perseverance. Stick with it and keep a positive attitude. Starting a company is definitely a challenging process, and you have to be able to believe in yourself and believe in the concept, day after day."-- Scott Sanders, owner and CEO of F1 Race Factory

"Flexible people never get bent out of shape."-- Joshua Estrin, president and CEO of Concepts in Success

"Find an area of confusion and figure it out."-- Amy James, CEO of sixThings

"Make other people's money work for you."-- Corey Llewellyn, CEO of Digiwaxx Media

"Always be in over your head. That way, you're always learning something and you never get bored. Floating is overrated."-- Gini Dietrich, President and CEO of Arment Dietrich PR

"Don't get angry, get smart."-- Vicki Kunkel, CEO, Leader Brand Strategists

"Find out what you're good at and learn how to leverage that to your advantage."-- Stephen Blakesley, CEO of Global Management Systems, Inc.

"Find your passion and then make a living doing it."-- Ann Higgins, CEO of Utopia Communications

"Your job as a leader is to change the people, and if you can't change the people, then CHANGE the people."-- Jeff Kaye, CEO of Kaye Bassman International

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Joshua Estrin said...

Thank you for including my quote I hope it helps a few people few the rough spots.

All the best