Monday, November 22, 2004

Task Zones

Have you found yourself in a situation where your "TO-DO" list goes beyond what you can handle? Have you found yourself swamped with things to worry about that go beyond your cerebral limits? You are normal :-)

We get entrenched into our list of things to do and start worrying about them. The "TO-DO" lists are exactly what their names indicate. These are things-to-do and not things-to-worry-about.

It is not efficient to worry about all your worries all the time. Worrying does not help at all. While you are worrying about one job, you are actually taking away resources from what you could have used to perform other task.

Some points of the day are good for some tasks and some others are good for some other jobs.

You should divide your day into Task Zones. Work through the constraints of when can you perform certain tasks and then remain in that Task Zone. Try to divide and conquer. It will be much more efficient if you are consciously aware of the constraints of time and task.

More to come ...

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